Eyewitness Identification

Implementation Resources

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Training Videos on Evidence Based Line Up Practices


Police Lineup Instructional Video


Folder Shuffle Instructional Video


Photo Array Instructional Video


 Additional Training Materials – Lesson Plans

Chief Brooks

Many resources are available to law enforcmeent agencies seeking to train officers and staff on eyewitness identification best practices.  Chief William Brooks of the Norwood, Massachussetts Police Department, has compiled an incredibly comprehensive group of training resources on eyewitness identification best practices.

Chief Brooks has made these materials available to public via his website.  

Chief Brooks has enjoyed a 38-year career in law enforcement and is a certified eyewitness identification trainer. He is also a member of the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court’s Standing Committee on Eyewitness Identification and served as a member of the committee at the National Academy of Sciences which examined eyewitness identification research.  In January, Chief Brooks used this lesson plan as the basis of two training sessions in Minnesota, attended by more than 160 in-service peace officers from 44 different law enforcement agencies across the state.